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The MAX30003 is a complete, biopotential, analog frontend solution for wearable applications. It offers high performance for clinical and fitness applications, with ultra-low power for long battery life. 
The MAX30003 is a single biopotential channel providing ECG waveforms and heart rate detection.
The biopotential channel has ESD protection, EMI filtering, internal lead biasing, DC leads-off detection, ultra-low power leads-on detection during standby mode, and extensive calibration voltages for built-in self-test. Soft power-up sequencing ensures no large transients are injected into the electrodes. 
The biopotential channel also has high input impedance, low noise, high CMRR, programmable gain, various low-pass, and high-pass filter options, and a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter. 
The biopotential channel is DC coupled, can handle large electrode voltage offsets and has a fast recovery mode to quickly recover from overdrive conditions, such as defibrillation and electrosurgery.
The MAX30003 is available in a 28-pin TQFN and 30-bump wafer-level package (WLP), operating over the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range.
● Single Lead Event Monitors for Arrhythmia Detection
● Single Lead Wireless Patches for At-Home/In-Hospital Monitoring
● Chest Band Heart Rate Monitors for Fitness Applications
● Bio Authentication and ECG-On-Demand Applications

Benefits and Features:
● Clinical-Grade ECG AFE with High-Resolution Data Converter
• 15.5 Bits Effective Resolution with 5µVP-P Noise
● Better Dry Starts Due to Much Improved Real World CMRR and High Input Impedance
• Fully Differential Input Structure with CMRR > 100dB
● Offers Better Common-Mode to Differential Mode Conversion Due to High Input Impedance
• High Input Impedance > 500MΩ for Extremely Low Common-to-Differential Mode Conversion
● Minimum Signal Attenuation at the Input During Dry Start Due to High Electrode Impedance
● High DC Offset Range of ±650mV (1.8V, typ) Allows to Be Used with Wide Variety of Electrodes
● High AC Dynamic Range of 65mVP-P Will Help the AFE Not Saturate in the Presence of Motion/Direct Electrode Hits
● Longer Battery Life Compared to Competing Solutions
• 85µW at 1.1V Supply Voltage
● Leads-On Interrupt Feature Allows to Keep µC in Deep Sleep Mode with RTC Off Until Valid Lead Condition is Detected
• Lead-On Detect Current: 0.7µA (typ)
● Built-In Heart Rate Detection with Interrupt Feature Eliminates the Need to Run HR Algorithm on the Controller
• Robust R-R Detection in High Motion Environment at Extremely Low Power
● Configurable Interrupts Allows the µC Wake-Up Only on Every Heart Beat Reducing the Overall System Power
● High Accuracy Allows for More Physiological Data Extractions
● 32-Word FIFO Allows You to Wake Up µController Every 256ms with Full ECG Acquisition
● High-Speed SPI Interface
● Shutdown Current of 0.5µA (typ)

Package includes:

1 x CJMCU-30003

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