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Automatic control products based on infrared technology, when someone enters the switch induction range, the sensor detects the change of infrared spectrum of human body. The switch automatically turns on the load, and the switch keeps moving without leaving the induction range. After the person leaves, the switch automatically closes the load with a delay. When people come to light, they turn off the lights delayedly. It is friendly, convenient, safe and energy-saving.
Model: TAD-868
Sensing mode: human movement
Size: 103 x 15mm
Induction angle: 120 conical angle
Detection range: 3-5 metres
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Delay time: 16 seconds
Optically Controlled Induction: None
Output mode: 12V DC
Load power: resistance < 60w; sensibility < 30W
Package included:

5 x 12V Volume Infrared Induction Switch Module
5 x Cable

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