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    GY-99 is a low-cost AHRS module, low power consumption, small size. Its working principle is through the gyroscope, acceleration and magnetic field sensor through the data fusion algorithm to get the direct angle data. This module has two ways to read data, that is, serial (TTL level) or chip itself IIC / SPI communication.
The product of high precision, high stability, can be accurate in any position angle, can adapt to different working conditions.
Working voltage: DC3-5V
Operating current: 20mA
Communication Interface: UART / IIC / SPI
Refresh frequency: 200Hz
Output data: Euler angle, four elements, high temperature pressure

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1. The module power self-correction, need to maintain more than 3 seconds still state, it is recommended not to hand with the module
2. The module with a magnet force meter, as far as possible away from iron, magnets, electromagnetic fields and other interference.
3. Angle Euler angle due to universal lock problem, roll, pitch at 90 degrees when there will be mutual influence.
4. PS pin ground, restart the module into the IIC SPI mode, the customer can operate the sensor, the module MCU does not carry out any operation on the sensor.
5. The module I / O is TTL level, can be directly connected with the microcontroller serial port, you can directly with the PL2303, CH340, FT232 and other chip connection, but not with the computer nine-pin serial port directly connected.
Package Included:
1 x GY-99 Temperature Pressure Sensor

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