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- Non-contact detection:It is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, light and so on. It is suitable for harsh environment;
- Ability to resist radio frequency interference;The output power is small and it is not harmful to the human body;
- Detection range:Support the detection of non life objects
- The microwave has good directionality, and the speed is equal to the speed of light.
Operating voltage: 5V + 0.25V
Operating current (CW): 60mA (Max), 37mA (Typical)
Interface type: Gravity 3-Pin interface
Emission parameter:
Detection range: 2-16m continuous adjustable (minimum range 2m, maximum range 16m)
Transmitting frequency: 10.525 GHz
Frequency setting accuracy: 3MHz
Output power (min): 13dBm EIRP
Harmonic emission: < -10dBm
Average current (5%DC): 2mA typ.
Pulse width (Min): 5uSec
Load cycle (Min): 1%
Receive parameter:
Sensitivity (10dB, S/N, ratio) 3Hz to 80Hz bandwidth: -86dBm
Bandwidth clutter from 3Hz to 10uV 80Hz
Antenna gain: 8dBi
Vertical 3dB beam width: 36 degrees
Horizontal 3dB beam width: 72 degrees
Size: 48.5x63mm
Weight: 30g
Microwave motion sensor is a microwave moving object detector designed with the principle of Doppler radar. Unlike conventional infrared detectors, microwave sensors detect the motion of objects by detecting the microwave reflected from the object, and the object will not be limited to the human body, and there are many other things. Microwave sensors are not affected by the environmental temperature. They are of high detection distance and high sensitivity. They are widely used in industry, traffic and civil installations, such as vehicle speed measurement, automatic doors, induction lamps, reversing radar and so on.
Because of the universality of microwave sensor detection, in actual life applications, it will be paired with another sensor for targeted detection. Such as microwave sensors + infrared pyroelectric sensors, can effectively determine whether someone has passed, will not be the sun, clothing, color interference, and will not respond to other objects.
Package Included:
1 x Microwave Motion Sensor Module 
1 x Gravity 3Pin Connection Line 

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