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1. The GY-33 is a low cost color recognition sensor module. Working voltage 3-5v, low power consumption, small size, easy to install.
2. The working principle is that the illumination LED emits light, and after illuminating the object to be measured, the return light detects the RGB ratio value through the filter, and the color is recognized according to the RGB proportional value.
3. This module has two ways to read data, namely serial UART (TTL level) or IIC (2 line). The baud rate of the serial port is 9600bps and 115200bps, which can be configured. There are two modes of continuous and inquiry output, and the settings can be saved after power down.
4. There are 7 simple color recognitions, no need to calculate RGB values.
5. It can adapt to different working environments, and connect with single-chip computer and computer.
6. The module can also set a separate sensor chip operating mode. As a simple sensor module, the MCU does not participate in data processing. Schematic and internal microcontroller source code are not provided.
7. The TCS34725 data can be read by the internal MCU, and the RGB is directly output after the MCU is calculated. The internal white balance program supports serial/IIC reading.
Technical Parameters:
Measuring range: RGB 0-255
Response frequency: 10HZ
Working voltage: 3-5V
Working current: 15mA
Working temperature: -20~+85°C
Storage temperature: -40~+125°C
Sensor chip: TCS34725
- Built-in MCU calculation color
- IIC, serial communication format
- Adjustable LED brightness
- With the corresponding PC software
Smart robot
Teaching laboratory equipment
Production line product testing
Led color detection
Package Included:
1 x GY-33 TCS34725 Color Sensor Identify Recognition Sensor Module

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