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GY25Z is a low-cost tilt module. Working voltage 3-5V, power consumption, small size.
How it works: Through gyroscope and accelerometer data fusion algorithm finally get the direct angle data.
This module, the serial port baud rate 9600bps and 115200bps, with continuous output and query output in two ways, to adapt to different working environments. Connect with all the single-chip computers and computers.

Small volume.
Serial communication format.

Measuring range: -180° to 180°
Resolution: 0.01°
Measurement accuracy: 1 ° (inclination)
Repeatability: 1°
Response frequency: 100HZ (115200bps)
Working voltage: 3-5V
Working current: 15mA
Operating temperature: -20° Celsius ~ 85° Celsius
Storage temperature: -40° Celsius to 125° Celsius
Size: 15.5mm x 15.5mm
Package included:

5 x GY-25Z MPU6050 Serial Port Gyroscope Acceleration Angle Inclination Sensor Module

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