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1. Achieve high frequency and frequent circuit breakage and unlimited number of switches.
2. Interruption process does not produce noise, no electric spark and no electromagnetic interference.
3. The service life is longer than that of the commonly used electromagnetic relay.
4. Double MOS parallel active output, lower internal resistance, larger current and strong power. 15A and 400W at room temperature meet the needs of most devices.
5. Often used to control motor, light bulb, LED light belt, DC motor, micro pump, electromagnetic valve and so on. Through this module, it can easily control these equipment, very convenient.
6.With optocoupler isolation, enhance anti-interference ability, industrial grade circuit boards, set parameters after power failure forever memory.
Working voltage: DC 5V–36V
Trigger signal source: high level trigger (DC 3.0V – 24V) signal and system do not share common ground to improve the anti-jamming ability of the system
Output capability:  DC 5V–36V, constant current 15A at room temperature, power 400W! Under the condition of auxiliary heat dissipation, the maximum current can reach 30A
Static current: 15mA
Service life: infinite switch; working temperature -40 – 85 C;
Size: 6.0×3.4×1.2cm
Package Included:
5 x XY-J04 Double MOS Tube Control Board Relay Module

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