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Material: ABS + electronic components
Working voltage: 6-30 V power supply
Trigger signal source: High-level touch (3.0V~24V), low-level trigger (0.0V~0.2V), switching quantity control (passive switch). 3: Output capacity: can control devices within 30v 10A or within 220v5A
Quiescent current: 15 mA
Working current: 50 mA
Service life: More than 100,000 times
Working temperature: -40~85 ° C
Weight: 45 g
Size: 7.1*3.9*2.5 cm (length, width and height)
Package list: 1*1pcs
Principle: Time relay
Protective features: Sealed
Liaison load: Low power
Power mode: DC
1. With liquid crystal display, the current mode and parameters are clear at a glance, very clear, simple and practical;
2. Support button trigger control, high and low-level trigger, switch quantity control, suitable for most occasions;
3. Wide voltage supply (6~30V), very convenient to use;
4. Support UART data upload and parameter setting;
5. One-button pause function with reverse connection protection, the reverse connection does not burn;
6. Added sleep mode. After enabling, there is no operation for about 5 minutes, and the LCD backlight is automatically turned off; any button wakes up;
7. Different OP, CL, LOP parameters can be set. These parameters are independent of each other and saved separately.
8. All setting parameters are automatically saved after power-off. Product parameters:
9. With optocoupler isolation, enhance anti-interference ability, industrial grade circuit board, set parameters to remember forever after power off. Scope of application: small appliance control, MCU development and so on.

Package includes:

1 x XY-WJ01 One Way Relay Module

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