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1. The module meets the international security standards, and there are isolation grooves between the control area and the load area.
2. Adopt Songle genuine relay;
3. It has power supply and relay action instructions, and it can absorb and close brightly and disconnect not brightly.
4. When there is a signal at the input end, the common end and the normal beginning will be connected.
5. It can be used as MCU development board module, and can be controlled by writer's electricity.
6. By controlling DC or AC signals, 220V AC load can be controlled.
7. There is a constant open and a constant closed contact point.
8. Blue KF301 terminal connection control line is more convenient.


Voltage: 12V
Static current: 5.5mA
Working current: 42mA
Trigger voltage: 0-4V
Trigger current: 3mA
Package Included:

5 x 1 Channel 12V Relay Module

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