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- High performance DC motor governor, in principleIt adopts imported thyristor component BTA41-600B and imported 25A rectifier bridge 
- Input with filter capacitor, overcurrent protection fuse
- Built-in upper limit voltage adjustment resistor, buyers can adjust the maximum speed according to needs
Model: CCM220DCS
Potentiometer: resistance 500K 2W
Input voltage: 220V AC (Input 110V is also available, power is halved)
Armature output: DC 10-210V or so
Maximum power: motor within 2000W,
Use the maximum current within 10A for a long time. Note that the maximum current of the motor is larger than the rated current. You can't just look at the rated current.
Size:  85 x 58 x 38mm
Package Included:
1 x 2000W 15A DC Single Phase DC Motor Speed Controller 

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