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This product adopts PID microcomputer temperature control technology is the most advanced, in the industry to break the traditional temperature control on-off mode control, the perfect solution for small power slow heating, large power, large inertia temperature, chip built dozens of control parameters, the program after several upgrades have been completely intelligent PID parameter selection criteria, 100% no overshoot, to die heating, water heating, heating box, has been very mature, and the controller can also be used for semiconductor refrigeration control, precision constant temperature at the desired temperature.
Technical Parameters:
Range of temperature control: 0-110 DEG C
Measuring accuracy: 0.1 DEG C
Control accuracy: + 0.5
Control mode: PID
Refresh rate: 4 times per second
Input power: DC12V
Output current: MAX15A
Maximum power: 12V=180W
Measuring input: NTC (10K 0.5%) waterproof sensor
Output: 1 way SSR MAX=120W
Environmental requirements: -10~60 degrees C, humidity 20%-85%
Specification size: 78*51mm (mounting hole M3., diagonal 75mm)
the Use of Methods:
Connect the power supply and equipment, can supply the controller, the display for measuring temperature, press the SET button once, the temperature display flashes, according to set the desired temperature (+ – + – hold fast lifting) after the completion of the set by SET to confirm the return, the controller according to the set automatic temperature control of PID
CodeDescriptionRangeFactory settings
P0Mode settingH/CH
P1Set the maximum limit110110
P2Set the minimum limit-50-50
P3Temperature correction-7~7℃0
P4High temperature alarmon/off -0-110℃OFF
P5Buzzer switchon/offOFF
Package Included:
1 x XH-W1601 Temperature Controller with Display

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