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- It can display the temperature and humidity values of four channels at the same time;
- If the sensor is not inserted, it will display "Sensor Abnormal"
- With memory function, automatic recording of the reading method before the instrument was last turned off
- With IIC read and single bus read
- Large LCD screen
- Adjustable contrast at the bottom
- Rich interface for 2.54mm pitch. The sensor can also be wired.
- Rich interface Compatible with 2.54mm pitch sensor module, it can also be connected to 1.27mm pitch external terminal.
- High quality materials, the terminal 2.54 is gold-plated. The 1.27 terminal is made of round hole plating.
- Size: 14*8*2.2cm
Package Included:
1 x 4 Channel High Precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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