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The slot type photoelectric sensor is composed of an infrared light emitting diode and an NPN phototransistor with a groove width of 5.9 mm. As long as the non-transparent object passes through the slot type, it can be triggered (used with our car code wheel) to output TTL low level. The Schmitt trigger is used to shake the pulse, which is very stable and can be used for measuring the speed of the car, measuring the distance and the like! M3 screw mounting holes at both ends.
Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
Output form: digital switch OUT output (0 and 1)
Instructions for Use:
1. Connect VCC and GND, the module signal indicator will light up.
2. When there is no occlusion in the module slot, the receiving tube is turned on, and the module OUT outputs a high level; when occluding, the OUT output is low, and the signal indicator is off.
3. The module OUT can be connected to the relay to form a limit switch and other functions. It can also be connected to the active buzzer module to form an alarm.
4. The OUT output interface can be directly connected to the IO port of the MCU. Generally, it is connected to an external interrupt to detect whether the sensor has a occlusion. If the motor code plate is used, the motor speed can be detected.
1. Correct wiring! Never reverse the positive and negative, causing the board electronics to burn out. 
2. Arduino players should set the MCU's I/O port to input mode/receive mode, otherwise they will not be available. Other MCUs, or more advanced control boards such as ARM, must be set to input mode/receive mode if the I/O port needs to be set to input/output mode, otherwise it cannot be used. 
3.The 51 series MCU can be used directly without setting the input/output mode.
Package Included:
1 x Smart Car Speed ​​Measure Module

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