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GY955 is a low cost AHRS module.
Working voltage 3-5v power consumption is small, small size.
Its working principle is through the gyroscope with
Acceleration pass, magnetic field sensor through data fusion
The algorithm finally gets direct angle data.
This module uses the serial (TTL level)
way of communication. The product has high precision and high stability.
Able to get an accurate angle in any position,
Serial baud rate of 9600bps and 115200bps
There are two ways of continuous output and inquiry output,
Can adapt to different working conditions.
With all the microcontroller and computer connection.
Measuring range: -180 ° ~ 180 °
Resolution: 0.01 °
Measurement accuracy: 2 °
Repeatability: 2 °
Response frequency: 100 HZ (115200 bps)
Working voltage: 3 ~ 5 V
Working current: 15mA
Operating temperature: -20 ° ~ 85 °
Storage temperature: -40 ° ~ 125 °
Size: 14.6mm × 17.8mm
Built-in MCU calculation angle
small volume
Serial communication format
With the corresponding host computer software
Handheld instrumentation
Robot navigation, positioning
Voyage model system
Balance car
Antenna pitch positioning
Pin Description:
VCC: Power supply + (3v-5v)
TX: Serial UART_TX (TTL level)
RX: Serial UART_RX (TTL level)
GND: Power ground
SI: Reserved, do not connect
SR: Reserved, do not connect
ADD: BNO055 I2C address pin
SDA: BNO055 I2C data pin
SCL: BNO055 I2C clock pin
Package Included:
1 x GY-955 GY-BNO055 9DOF Sensor Angle Gyro Module

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