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GY-952 is a small volume low-power low-cost measurement of tilt module, the working principle of gyroscope and accelerometer data fusion algorithm through the final direct data. This module has two ways to output data: serial port (TTL level) or single-axis analog output. The product of high precision, high stability, can be accurate in any position; there are two continuous output and query output, can adapt to different working environment, and all the SCM and computer connection.
Working voltage: 3 – 5V
Working current: 15mA
Single-axis output: 0 ° – 360 ° (0.1V – 2.9V)
Serial Output: Euler Angle Raw Data / Acceleration Raw Data / Gyro Raw Data / Quad Elements Data
Product Size: 13.5mm × 20.3mm
Package Included:
1 x GY-952 Six Axis Tilt Angle Sensor Module

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